Family Learning Courses

4th November 2020

Family Learning  would like to help you support our families, so  are continuing to offer courses to  parents through Zoom this term.

They are running:

  • Happier and Calmer : Wellbeing at Home. This course focuses on the science behind wellbeing, encouraging parents to develop their resilience and develop techniques to support their families more effectively. Parents who attended this course recently have found it really useful providing an insight into their strengths and considering the role model they provide to their children
  • Coaching the Calmer Mind. This course focusses on building a sense of calm through mindfulness practice.
  • Keeping Up with The Kids Maths focuses on demystifying maths in the Junior School , helping parents to develop their maths skills to support their children more effectively. It could be useful for any parents who have struggled with supporting their children in lockdown.

This course is being run by Daniel who is a practicing primary teacher and will break down maths so that parents can get to grips with the current maths terms. He will adapt his teaching to the needs of the learners on the course.


Parents will be working in small groups with friendly tutors who can help them get the most from each session.


These courses are free to parents who are on a low wage or unemployed, have mental health challenges or have low qualification levels.